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Magento Customer/Product Importing CSV Character Encoding

In this post we are discussing product/customer import in magento. After log research and use I am sharing my experience with you. Many of time we are import a large number of customers and products into magento and getting notice and/or error. Mostly you face these issue when CSV containing special characters .

The Problem
Most of time we are faced character encoding issue in csv. Because Csv product information contains special characters and/or Multibyte .The CSV files were generated on the same machine in the same manner, I then opened the files in Notepad++ to make the encoding conversion before uploading to Magento.

The Detail
For my particular scenario, my data was stored in a MySQL database that I was accessing using Microsoft Access. I created a couple of queries to generate my data sets which I then exported to Excel (.xlsx) via the ‘External Data’ tab.
Now Excel has a nasty habit of only using double quotes to surround CSV field names and values when it sees fit which can cause problems when importing into Magento but this is where OpenOffice Calc comes to the rescue.
So I open the .xlsx files in OO-Calc and then save back a CSV version of my files.
Now I have my plain text versions of the data, I open them in Notepad++, convert the character encoding by using the menus ‘Encoding / Convert to UTF8′ or ‘Encoding / Convert to ANSI’ and save the files.

The Solution


Step 1:

Now as I explained earlier, when I tried to import my product CSV into Magento, I had to use UTF8 and for customers I had to use ANSI character encoding.
The error message that gets thrown by Magento isn’t very helpful. For the product import the error message was “Missing field: SKU’ and for the customer import it was “Missing field: Website”.
Step 2:

If you got error again then you can change the import patterns from CSV to XML. Check the below image of data flow profile :


Magento: 404 Not Found error after Magento module installation

In this article we are discussing a common problem. When admin and/or authorize user is install a extension and user have successfully installed Magento Extension. Whenever user clicks on a store I get a 404 (Page not found) error.

To solve this problem follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log out from the admin panel if still login in admin sections.

Step 2: Log into the admin panel and check the extension again. If you got same again, then follow the step 1 and then step 3.

Step 3: Remove the Magento Cache. You can remove the magento cache by different way like as:


a)      Click on System | Cache Management and clean the all cache.

b)       If you have Ftp details then  delete all cache  from  var/ cache  folder


Delete (or move to another folder) files in /var/www/var/cache


Delete (or move to another folder) files in /tmp


c)        If you have putty or  linux  server   then use  following commands :

1)      Login via putty with host and password.

2)      Check the path and    find the var  directory :




Note : Linux  commands is depends on access level and linux and community version  before  use of any  above command  make sure  you got correct syntax (  check it  like as  help  rm  etc) .

Above command are run on ubuntu server. This article is not responsible for any commands issue.