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Magento : Who to install extensions.

Step 1:  Clear the cache in Magento

a) You can clean the magento cache by two way :

a.1)  Through the Magento admin area > System > Cache Management >Flush Magento Cache   and   Flush Cache Storage

a.2)  Magento keeps its cache in /var/cache located inside the Magento installation  directory.
So, for example, if your Magento is installed in your main public_html folder,
the cache will be in public_html/var/cache.

Step 2:

a)  You can install extension  by two way : Form admin side  or/and  from Ftp

a.1) Login again in  Magento admin area .

a.2) Through the Magento admin area > System > Magento Connect >Magento

Connect  Manager > ( Login  again here with same admin details of site )

a.3) Make Sure  VAR, Media , APP/etc , Downloader  folders  having writeable

permission .

a.4) Get the Magento extension key  form (key will be different as per extensions)


a.5) How to got key  as per extension ?

Answer :  See the below  block “How to got key  as per extension” .

a.6) Enter the key   in input text  like as below image :


b) Some time  you got  error  regarding permission in that  case   step 2.a is not working
properly  so  you need  extra setting at magento connect . So Follow the below steps :

b.1)  Click at Setting   and fill the  FTP  host  and user details like as below image :


Step 3: Some time  you have paid extension package  . In that case you need to upload
those files at server direct  Via  FTP . Like as below images :

Step 4:  Clear the cache again in Magento .